What’s wrong with being confident?

Many guys would say that confidence is a trait that they find very, if not, most attractive in a woman.  I have always been jealous of girls who exude confidence because I have never been one of those people.  My confidence definitely fell in high school and continued to dwindle throughout college with the depths of my spell under eda.  As I have restored weight and regained my life back, my confidence, however, has not returned to me.

Last summer, I took a job in the town my family has a beach house as a hostess at a local restaurant.  I had never been in the food service industry, but I thought “how hard could it be?”  Well man I was wrong, it is not easy, especially during the summer months at one of the most popular restaurants in Pawleys Island, SC.  I began and carried out my job last summer with the constant feeling that I was always doing something wrong, and I would never be a good hostess.  The job actually takes a lot more skill than most people would think.  Last summer, as I was training, I received a lot of constructive criticism, which I took pretty heavily.  My perfectionism was ruined by the fact that I felt I would never be good at my job.  Therefore, my confidence was extremely low every time I punched that clock in preparation for the day or night ahead of me.

I decided to give the job another shot this summer.  I have only been there for a week so far, but my confidence in my abilities as a hostess is now so much better.  Coming into this summer already knowing how things work, I jumped right into it.  I immediately felt confident in what I was doing and how to handle the daunting list of reservations for a Saturday night in the summer at the beach.  I realized this morning what confidence can do to you.  I mean I am a totally different person behind that hostess stand now.  It is my confidence that has helped me to be much more successful.  I was completely capable of being just as successful last year, but starting off feeling like I was inadequate hindered me from being my best.

Confidence can completely change our abilities in almost anything.  If I were to approach other tasks with more confidence, I could be so much more successful, and I think anyone could do the same.  Even though eda took away a lot of it, I am learning the importance of confidence to be a better me.


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